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Van Gogh Class

During the Summer term, certain members of Van Gogh have been set the challenge of writing a weekly blog for adults and children who may be interested in everything Van Gogh at St Mary's Primary Academy!


Please read the children's blogs below and let them know what you think by responding on the facebook page!


Mr Mills

Week commencing 7th June 2021

Hello, my name is Joel. I’m ten years old and I go to St. Marys Primary Academy School. I have five brothers and one sister. Schools, you either love them or you hate them. If you  hate them, I’ll make you love them by reading this blog. 


Rise and shine you’ve got to be ready, our school day starts at 8:40am. Before you can daydream we’re already into Collective Worship. In a flash, we’re starting our English lesson. 10:20am, finally break time! Time to have some fun till 10:40am. Better have your brain switched on – Maths is here. Time to eat my lunch at 12:10pm before I go out to play. When we come in, it’s already 1:00pm. Handwriting is here until 1:10pm. Bonjour Mon Amie time to learn French. At 2:10pm we are ready to do P.E., the last lesson of the day. At 3:15pm we are ready to go home to rest our heads. 


Blog on next week to see our schools absolutely amazing subjects. 


By Joel – Van Gogh Class 

Hi, my name is Emre and I am ten years old. I have a sister and we both go to St.  Marys Primary Academy School. Time to get into my blog. School, you either love it or hate it. If you hate them, no worries. Read this blog and find out about my school. I am going to make you love school because mine is amazing. 


Rise and shine you BETTER BE READY! Our school day starts at 8:40am. Before you can start to day dream, Collective Worship starts. In a flash of light English barges in at 9:10. Phew! Time for a break at 10:20am up to 10:40am. As you rush in, Maths starts and you BETTER HAVE YOUR BRAINS SWITCHED ON because you’re going to learn about Maths. After that amazing subject, you must be hungry so be ready for some amazing meals and have a break. Smash, bang, wallop -  let’s dive into Geography to learn about extinct and rare animals. 

Blog onto my blog next week where I am going to talk about our amazing subjects! 


By Emre – Van Gogh