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Van Gogh

Hello everyone, here is wet weather learning for day two...




Following on from our in class learning, please write an acrostic poem similar to the examples we have looked at in class.

Use outside as a focus:  Think about flora and fauna, figurative language and layout.


Global Neighbours

Key Questions

  • Who is our neighbour?
  • Who is a neighbourly person?
  • Do some inspiring people save others?


Make a list of who your neighbours are?


Main activity

We have neighbours from other countries. What might it look like to ‘love’ them  from  a distance in the UK or by going overseas to be with them?’

Research examples of inspiring people in history who have helped others overseas? e.g. Mother Theresa, Mary Secole, Nelson Mandela. 

Create a piece of information writing about your chosen person.  You can write it or use the computer.

Bring in your work to school.


What might motivate these people?



Have a go at these Rugby themed reading comprehensions......



Have a go at these SATs papers to see how you get on!

Take a look at these revision sheets. Each one has a link to a video to help explain each concept: 



In art we are completing pieces of artwork for the upcoming festival at St Mary's Church. Create a piece of art inspired by the following images:

Images of St. Mary's Church: