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St Mary's CofE

Primary Academy

'Learning, Achieving, Growing in God's Love'

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A Prayer for Today by Year 6

Dear God,


We thank you for giving us the patience and understanding to reach out to others and that them with dignity and respect. 


Help us to remember that everyone is equal, to value other people, and to treat them well, just as we wish to be treated. 



Dear God,


Thank you for everything we have.

Help us to have a happy school where everyone is cared for. 

Let our school teach us right from wrong.

Let our school friends help us when times get tough.

Help you school understand that everyone matters.

Let our school be the best it can be.



School Prayer - Written by our Worship Acolytes



Dear heavenly Father,


We are thankful for all you have created and for the people in our community; we give thanks for the life you have given us and all you provide us with.


We place our trust in you to keep us safe, keep us healthy and give us the strength to speak up and let other hear your words. We trust, you Son, Jesus Christ, will always be beside us to keep us from harm.


Jesus taught us to love one another, as we love you. We are grateful for the love you have shown us which reassures us each day.


Give us the strength, skills and knowledge to help us to achieve and live our life to its fullest. Send your Holy Spirit to guide us, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.



A Prayer for Giving Thanks following our worship around Psalm 148 (Creation)


Dear heavenly Father,
 Thank you for all you have given to us. We appreciate the things which are unique to us and we share them willingly with everyone around. Help us to notice even the smallest things which seem mundane. We give thanks, to your Son, Jesus Christ, who died for us and rose again to save us all.




A Prayer of Peace


Dear loving father, 

Teach me to trust in you so when the unexpected storms of life come, I will expect peace in the midst of those storms, knowing that you are near, you hear my cries, and you are with me and for me.