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St Mary's CofE

Primary Academy

'Learning, Achieving, Growing in God's Love'

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Our Displays and Environments

Our displays around school are used to celebrate learning and achievement. Displays represent a range of learning from all curriculum areas and from all year groups. Take a look at some of our displays and examples of the learning that has been taking place at St. Mary's this year. Pupils take pride in their learning and presentation - you can see there is a range of learning from English, maths, science and British values to name just a few. In line with our ethos around our curriculum, can you spot some of the practical learning we have been participating in too? The clues are in the pictures!
Picture 1 Revolutionary Romans
Picture 2 Electricity
Picture 3 English Diary and Story writing
Picture 4 English Learning Wall
Picture 5 EYFS Forest Friday
Picture 6 Whole School British Values Week
Picture 7 The Gigantic Turnip
Picture 8 Brainwave!
Picture 9 Maths Learning Wall
Picture 10 Van Gogh Artwork
Picture 11 Bake It! Science display
Picture 12 Fundraising and Charitable Giving
Picture 13 English Story Writing - The Matchbox Diary
Picture 14 English Continuous Provision in Year 2
Picture 15 English Learning Journey - letter writing Year 2
Picture 16 Phonics Continuous Provision Year 2
Picture 17 Year 2 Art Continuous Provision
Picture 18 Year 2 Maths continuous Provision
Picture 19 A whole school display on spirituality learning
Picture 20 Courageous Advocacy linked to our award
Picture 21 Journey Through Life Stained Glass Windows
Picture 22 Science investigation into materials
Picture 23 Science Investigation into Forensics
Picture 24 Science Continuous Provision in year 1
Picture 25 Kandinsky Class Materials and their Properties