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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all safe and well. After the first day of using Dojo, trial and error for some and working away around remote learning, I have some instructions for you to follow when sending me work. This is so I can make comments and return to the children with feedback if needed.

1. click on the activity they are going to complete.

2. Click start worksheet (if it is one you are going to write on).

3. Press the tick button

4. click on done (this will save the work as a draft).

5. press the blue triangle in the top right hand corner and this will send me the completed work. I can then send it back to the children as a draft if it needs editing.


To find work I have sent back to edit/check;

 - you may need to scroll all the way through the profile to find the activity.


Any problems let me know.

Week 1

This week we are recapping our learning on using column method for addition and subtraction.

07.01.21 - There is a video to watch to help you through the sheets. We are using fact families to check our answers.
So we know that 5 + 10 = 15, and
10 + 5 = 15, and
15 - 5 = 10, and so
15 - 10 = 5
There is a video to watch to help you through the sheets.
Then complete the sheets and photograph them back to me.  

Week 2 - Multiplication and Division
Maths sheets for 14th and 15th January

Week 3 - commencing 18th Januar

Please watch the following links before attempting the worksheets - None fo the worksheets need to be printed, the calculations can be written into your maths book.


Week 2

Wednesday 13th January

Re-write the letter from Gerry changing adjectives and the information he tells us. Maybe you will say that he has become a chef instead of a Flight Commander, maybe he didn't save a Hippogriff but something else.

The letter should follow the same structure and layout, but you can change some of the information.

Remember neat handwriting, and let's have some great adjectives.

14.01.21 - Follow the instructions on the sheet - you do not need to print, just look at the pictures.

Write the nouns that you can see, and come up with some imaginative adjectives that work with the nouns. Write them down and send me a photograph.

Week 3 - commencing 18th January

Where the is a video on class link or link to watch, they will be here against the relevant date. Please watch before attempting the activity.

Week 4 - Commencing 25th January 2021

This week in English we will be looking at making our writing more interesting. We will start of by looking at expanded noun phrases, and then developing this through the week. 


Start by watching this link

Then have a go at writing some expanded noun phrases, i.e The scary, sneaky shark. Look at the picture of under the sea, and write as many expanded noun phrases as you can. Be imaginative with adjectives, but make sure they go well with the noun you are describing. 


Send a photo of your work to me on Dojo please.


Please read everyday.


Remember you can change your school reading books on a Wednesday (at the moment). Put the book that you have read in the quarantine box on the trolley and select a new one from your reading range.

Here is the link to AR quizzes. The children will have their log in details (I have a list if anyone does need their code).


I shall check AR quizzes regularly.


Guided Reading

You will have tasks to complete in Guided Reading, which I will set daily. Each week will follow a similar pattern, but the activities will change on Thursdays and Fridays. 

Monday's will be a video recording of me reading to you, this will be on the Class Story on Dojo.  You will need to watch this, so that you have heard the text.

13.01.21 - Record yourself reading outloud the passage I gave you yesterday from Matilda. Think about how interesting your voice sounds, can you give the different characters voices?


We have been reading the start of Matilda.

Draw a picture of what you think Matilda looks like as she goes into the library. Write some sentences explaining how you think she felt when Mrs Phelps in the library says she can go in and find some books.

Give me detail in your drawing and writing please.

Responding to the text (no need to print)

In the passage, there are lots of different pieces of punctuation.
? ! . , D ' ( )

Can you find them and tell me what they mean. Do the ones you know first, have a go at the one's you don't or are not sure about. I'm happy for you to have a go and not be correct - it's how we learn.

Please send me a photograph of your work.
13.01.21 - Same words as yesterday, but write them with colour. You can do each word a different colour, or even each letter. Make sure you spell them correctly though!

14.01.21 - Ask someone to test you on this week's spellings.

Let me know how you did, be honest.

Week 3 - commencing 18th January

The powerpoint is in 2 parts.

Task : match animals to their habitat and write a sentence about how each animal is adapted to their habitat.
Do not print them out at home, it will take up to much ink. Instead, write the headings Ocean, Savannah, Rainforest, Polar and Desert. 

List the animals underneath and write a sentence about their adaptations.


Please send me a photograph of your worl

11.01.21 - Plants

Watch the powerpoint and videos in it. Then have a go at the sheet.

We are looking at habitats on our planet, and have been focusing on what's under the sea/oceans. The National Aquarium are doing a session today at 1.00 - 1.20pm, (link is below - It will be available after that time, if it's not convenient to you).

Watch it and tell me how animals have adapted to live under water. Did anything surprise you? Think about which creature you'd like to find out more about. Tell me about it.
Week 3 - commencing 18th January
What is special about fish that allow them to be able to live under water? Watch the video to find out.,including%20the%20use%20of%20camouflage.&text=One%20such%20adaptation%20is%20the,the%20coral%20of%20their%20habitat.

Can you copy and complete the table (use a ruler). to tell me how the different body parts of a fish help it to live in water.
Watch the link below, and follow it (lots of pauses will be needed) On plain paper, draw and label a fish, as shown in the video

Please send me a photo of your work so it's a big as possible, I'm going to print them all out and turn the window into an aquarium!

Week 4 - commencing Monday 25th January

This week we are going to be learning about thr Classification of Animals. This is how we group them together when thinking about their characteristics.

Watch this link to find out more:

Next watch the Powerpoint, then have a go at the worksheets.
In the first activity, think about the five main groups of animals, Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles and Amphibians. How are they different?


In the second and third activities, you need to think about questions that can be answered only with a yes or no, for example, Can the animal fly? Yes (it must be a bird) no, it must be a mammal, fish, amphibian or reptile. The think of another question to separate those, again one that can be answered yes or no.


Finally, have a go at creating your own classification key. You do not need to print out he animals, just  sort them in to groups then think of questions that help you to sort (remembering the questions can only have a yes or no answer). Write the questions and try to make your own chart, drawing pictures of the animals that go in each group.



In Computing, we shall be improving our typing skills. There are a series of activities and games that we can do on BBC Bitesize. Use the link below to get started.


Our topic for PSHE is Healthy Me.
Please use the link below and for week commencing 4th January, select Lesson 1.
Please complete the task and send me a photograph.


It is important that we all keep moving and healthy. I will set some PE sessions/activities to do each week, as well as some some other dance activities.


Remember, you can go for a daily walk, and if you want to do something active in your home you could have a look at Joe Wicks, he's doing three sessions a week, I believe.