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Good morning,


Please find below some activities that you can complete with your child today.


Mrs Bavester



Looking for patterns. Can you count in 5s, 50s, 10s and 100s? Is there a pattern? What about if you count in 1000s?


Write down what you find.  Can you count in different multiples (25s and 250s)- are there any patterns?



Using the new character you thought of and described yesterday. Can you write a character description in the third person (I have attached the activity we did last week to help the children and remind them about the 1st and 3rd person).

We would of had PE today so here is an idea that the whole family can do. Watch and follow the link below to take part in some Yoga.



Good morning,


As the children have been sent home today, please find attached a range of activities that you can do with your child at home.


Many thanks


Mrs Bavester

Here is the link to our e-safety lesson. Can the children watch this and create a poster about e-safety - think about SMART.

In Maths we are learning about place value - think of a 2 digit or 3 digit number - How many ways can you build this number? What is the value of each digit?


Think about the bar model, part-part whole. Challenge yourself .... Can you build your number using coins?


This is a link to Percy Parker multiplication song that we have been listening to in Maths, sing along and learn your 2 times tables.

In English we are going to be changing the story of Traction man meets Turbo Dog. Can you change the characters in the story? What will they look like?


Can you think of adjectives (describing words) for your new character?

Our topic is electricity...How many things around your house can you find that use electricity?

Don't forget you can also;


- Practice your spellings

- Practice your handwriting

- Read your book