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White Rose Maths


The White Rose Maths Team has prepared a series of weekly maths lessons for each year group. and will be adding a new lesson each week. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully.

Click on the link below for your daily maths activities.



Maths tricky challenge

Please record your Maths challenges in your home learning books. Alternatively, you can ask your grown-up to take photographs or a short video of you completing your challenges and upload them to Tapestry.  


Challenge 1

Play: Matching pairs addition game

You will need: 

Playing cards (King, queen, jack removed)


How to play:

  1. Place the cards face down.
  2. The oldest person starts.
  3. Turn over two cards.
  4. Add the numbers together.
  5. If the total equals 10 you can keep the cards. If the total is not ten leave the cards face up.
  6. Next player turns over one card and can choose to turn over a different card or take a card that is face up.
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5.
  8. The person with the most cards wins.


In your home learning book record the different ways you made ten in the matching pairs game. Use the number sentence ___+___=___ to record your answers.


Challenge 2

  1. Make 10 green bottles: You could draw the bottles and cut them out or collect ten empty bottles.
  2. Write the numerals 1-10 on the bottles ensuring that each bottle displays a different numeral.
  3. Learn the song 10 green bottles


Can you count backwards from 10-0?


Challenge 3

Which numbers are missing?
























Challenge 4

Follow the instructions to make playdough:

Can you make 10 biscuits using your dough?

Count your biscuits to check you have 10.


Challenge 5

Dominoes addition:

Place all of the dominoes face down. Each player takes it in turns to turn over a domino and add the two ends together. If playing with older siblings you could use multiplication instead of addition.


Challenge 6


  1. Using any type of blocks measure the height of your favourite toy.
  2. Draw a picture of your toy and record the number of blocks needed to measure its height.
  3. Measure another toy using the same blocks and repeat step 2.
  4. Who was taller? What is the difference between the two measurements?

You could repeat this activity measuring everyday objects. How tall is the table? How tall is a cup?


Challenge 7

Number hunt 1:

During your daily exercise go on a number hunt.

Highlight or circle the number on the sheet as you spot them on your walk.



Number Hunt Sheet

Challenge 8

Number hunt 2:

  1. Make a set of number cards by writing the numerals 0-20 on to small squares of paper.
  2. Ask you grown-up to hide all of the number cards.
  3. Go on a number hunt.
  4. Once you have found all of the numbers place them in order from 0-20.

Tricky challenge

Make collections to represent each number and place the collection in front of the number card. Don’t forget to send me a picture for an extra skills square sticker.


Challenge 9

Estimation jars

  1. Ask your grown-up to fill up two jar with and items.
  2. Guess how many items are in each jar and write these numbers down as your estimates.
  3. Open the jar and count each group of items.

Did you guess correctly? Can you add the two groups together by counting each item to find the total number?


Challenge 10

Ten interesting things

Go for a walk as part of your daily exercise and collect 10 interesting things.

When you return home, place the collection of the interesting things on to a piece of paper and number your interesting things 1-10.

Can you see any numbers within each item?


I can see 8 petals on the flower.

I can see 10 wiggly bits on the leaf.

Record your answers in your home learning book using the sentence starter ‘I can see…’ OR ask your grown-up to record you explaining what you can see.

Don’t forget to send your videos and photos to Mrs Smith on Tapestry.

Maths websites and online resources


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