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Kandinsky class

Our English display and Learning Wall.

We have been learning about expanded noun phrases. The children created expanded noun phrases by thinking of nouns and adjectives to describe an image from our text 'The snail and the whale'. We even looked at how commas could be used to list more than one adjective!

We have been focusing on addition and the children have been investigating the commutativity of the digits in an addition equation.

We went to St Mary's Church for our annual Harvest Festival service. Our class presented a poem that we had written about the harvest of corn and how it is made into Cornflakes. We took along donations for the St Neots food bank and thought about our Christian value of generosity.

In our 'From A to B' topic the children have been designing and building vehicles.

we have been looking at 'less than', 'greater than' and 'equal' in Maths. The children built the symbol and used this to help them to order numbers.

The children have been asked to think about how the new maths equipment can be used best to represent two digit numbers for the Year 1 children. They had to use their reasoning skills to prove why their representations were the best.

We have been investigating teen numbers. The children were set the challenge of representing teen numbers using equipment of their choice and then explain what is happening to the digits.

We have been looking at our text 'The Lonely Beast' in our English lessons. The children have been taking part in some role play activities to help them to understand how different characters felt when the Lonely Beast arrived in the city for the first time.

To kick start our Brainwave Unit we dissected a human jelly brain to see what jobs our brains do for us. We found clues and will be using these in our learning next week. It was really disgusting!

We have been investigating number bonds to ten using ten grids and double sided counters.

We have been enjoying reading with our Reading Buddies this week. We talked about the types of books that we enjoy and asked each other questions about what we had read. It was great fun!


In art we have been looking at the work of our class artist, Kandinsky. The children particularly liked his circles piece of work and we worked as a team (one of our learning skills) to create a whole class masterpiece. We think you will be impressed!