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Today we were going to look at formal letter writing. 

Have a go at this online activity:


Then you could have a go at writing a letter of your own!

We have been learning about plastic pollution in the ocean. Could you write a letter to a company that makes plastic water bottles to tell them about the problems these bottles are causing the animals and convince them to change the material they use for their bottles?




We are continuing to practice our 10 and 5 times tables. Keep playing the interactive games from yesterday to see if you can become a times table champion!




Use this time to read together. You could read your school reading book or a book of your choice. 

Can your child answer questions about the book that they have read. Find some examples of questions in this document:

Religious Education


We are looking at the story from the bible: The Lost Son.

Watch this video and talk to your child about the message that the story teller was trying to give.


You could draw a picture to go with the story or create a story board on the following worksheet:





Today the children were learning about the difference between a question and a command sentence. I have attached a Powerpoint and some resources to talk with your child about the difference between these two sentence types. 



This morning we talked about our Harvest Service at church next week. The children are going to be doing a section within the service on the theme of Winter. In our art lesson the children were going to produce an A4 sized piece of artwork on a winter theme.  Your child may like to create a wintery snow scence at home this afternoon.




In our Science lessons we have been looking at materials. Ask your child to go on a materials hunt around the house to see what things are made from. Can they think of ways to group them? How could they record this?


Have a look at: