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Home Learning







These are words year 2 children should know by the end of KS1. If you are not sure of any, you can test yourself over the holidays. Make games and puzzles with them and have fun.


about,  after,  again,  an,  another

back,  ball,  be,  because,  bed,  been,  boy,  brother,  but,  by

call,  came,  can't,  could                   did,  do,  don't,  dig,  door,  down

every,            first,  from                 girl,  good,  got,  goes

had,  half,  has,  have,  help,  her,  here,  him,  his,  home,  house,  how

I,  if,  ice,  into,  it,            jam,  jump,  just,           know,  kite

laugh,  little,  live,  love,             made,  make,  man,  many,  may,  more,  much,  must  

name,  new,  next,  night,  not,  now,             off, old,  once,  one,  or,  our,  out,  over

people,  push,  pull,  put,         queen,  quiet,  quite,       ran,  run

school,  seen,  should,  sister,  so,  some

take,  than,  that,  the,  their,  them,  there,  these,  three,  time,  too,  tree

under,  us,  upon,                           very,                                you,  your

want,  water,  way,  were,  what,  when,  where,  who,  will,  with

Monday,  Tuesday,  Wednesday,  Thursday,  Friday,  Saturday,  Sunday

red,  blue,  green,  yellow,  pink,  purple,  orange,  white,  black,  brown,  grey



These are the spellings you should know by the time you leave Monet. If you are not sure of any, you can test yourself over the holidays. Make games and puzzles with them and have fun.


accident,  accidentally,  actual,  actually,  address,  although,  answer,  appear,  arrive

believe,  bicycle,  breath,  build,  busy,  business

calendar,  caught,  centre,  century,  certain,  circle,  complete,  consider,  continue

decide,  describe,  different,  difficult,  disappear

early,  earth,  eight,  eighth,  enough,  exercise,  experience,  extreme

famous,  favourite,  February,  forward,  forwards,  fruit

grammar,  group,  guard,  guide,                  heard,  heart,  height,  history

imagine,  increase,  important,  interest,  island,              knowledge

learn,  length,  library,               material,  medicine,  mention,  minute

natural,  naughty,  notice,        occasion,  occasionally,  often,  opposite,  ordinary

particular,  peculiar,  perhaps,  popular,  position,  possess,  possession,  possible,  potatoes,  pressure,  probably,  promise,  purpose

quarter,  question,                    recent,  regular,  reign,  remember

sentence,  separate,  special,  straight,  strange,  strength,  suppose,  surprise

therefore,  though,  thought,  through,          various,         weight,  woman,  women 



Spellings will continue to be an important part of your continuing education. Find some word games to play over the holiday and have fun.


Van Gogh

Spellings will continue to be an important part of your continuing education. Here are some of the words that you need to know by the end of KS2.  It is also important that these words are used in writing, maybe try to write a story or poem.  If you prefer non-fiction then use then in a piece of informative writing.  Have fun.

A - accommodate accompany according achieve aggressive amateur ancient apparent appreciate attached available average awkward

B - bargain bruise

C - category cemetery committee communicate community competition conscience* conscious* controversy convenience correspond criticise (critic + ise) curiosity

D - definite desperate determined develop dictionary disastrous

E - embarrass environment equip (–ped, –ment) especially exaggerate excellent existence explanation

F - familiar foreign forty frequently

G - government guarantee

H - harass hindrance

I - identity immediate(ly) individual interfere interrupt

- language leisure lightning limb

M - marvellous mischievous muscle

N - necessary neighbour nuisance

O - occupy occur opportunity

P - parliament persuade physical prejudice privilege profession programme pronunciation Q Q - queue

R - recognise recommend relevant restaurant rhyme rhythm

S - sacrifice secretary shoulder signature sincere(ly) soldier stomach sufficient suggest symbol system

T - temperature thorough twelfth thumb

V - variety vegetable vehicle

Y - yacht

Year 6 Maths Revision


Please find below a selection of PDF guides for each of the areas of Maths that are covered in the Year 6 SATs tests. For each example question given, there is a link to YouTube which explains how to answer it. These are really useful for working through at home to help to prepare your child, or to support your child in areas in which they are less confident.