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Home learning project

30th March 2020

Enquiry question: Why do we put a cross in an Easter garden?


Activity 1

Watch Mrs Smith make an Easter Garden:


Make a list of everything you will need whilst watching the video. Can you follow the instructions to make your own Easter garden?

Send a picture of your Easter garden to Mrs Smith to receive a skill square sticker for being inquisitive.


Activity 2

Watch the children retell the Easter story: Our Easter Story


Talk together: Look at your Easter garden can you identify what each part of the garden represents?


Activity 3

Look at the picture of the hot cross buns.

Ask: What does the cross on top of the bun represent?

You can make your own hot cross buns using this recipe:

Or you can buy some from the shop.

Take a photograph of the process of either baking your own buns or preparing to eat a bought bun. For example, cutting the bun in half, placing it into the toaster, spreading on the butter.

In your home learning book write the step by step instructions to accompany the photographs i.e.

  1. Cut the bun

Take a picture of the finished writing and post it on to Tapestry with the process photographs.



Activity 4

Watch: CBeebies | Preparing for Easter | Let's Celebrate

Make Easter nests


Other Easter activities

23rd March 2020

This week our enquiry question is 'What is a map?'


Watch Julia Donaldson reading our focus text ‘What the ladybird heard’. Can you join in with the sounds and the actions?


In the story, Hefty Hugh and Lanky Len plan to steal the fine prize cow. The two bad men have a map of the farm. Why do they need a map? What is the map for?

Talk with your grown-up and explain why they thieves need a map.

Ask your grown-up What is a map?


Activity 1

Using google maps find your home address and place the yellow man outside your door.

Can you find your way to school? 


Activity 2

Draw your own map of the farm and label the animals. You could even add what noise each animal makes too.


Can you retell this part of the story using your map?


I’ll start you off ‘Open the gate in the dead of night. Past the …’


Activity 3

What are the animals thinking?

In your home learning book write a sentence for each animal.









Sing the song of the story with Julia Donaldson:





16th March 2020

This week’s enquiry question is: How do you make a woolly jumper?  

Understanding of the world


Watch: Come Outside – ‘A Woolly Jumper’

Ask your child: How is a woolly jumper made?


Can they recall the process using first, next, after that and finally?


Record your child’s response and upload it to your child’s online learning journal.


Creative activity

Creative activity 1

Using wool and a curtain ring make a Dorset button.

Take photographs of the stage of making the button and upload the photos onto Tapestry.