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Hockney class

Science Investigation

Hockney Class has been doing some brilliant science investigations. Here the children were trying to find the best fabric for the three little pigs to use as curtains in their house. Some of the children used torches to see if the fabric let any light through. Others held the fabrics up to a window. Some of the other children decided to feel the fabrics and look at them closely with a magnifying glass. 


In Religious Education we have been looking at the Easter story. We did an experiment to help us understand salvation.

Each of us (penny) is surrounded by sin (coloured water). Jesus (candle) came down to earth and died on the cross (glass). When he died on the cross he took all our sins onto himself so that we can be saved (colored water is absorbed into the glass). 

Toy Museum

In Topic we have been looking into the history of toys, when they were invented and what they are made of. We created a Toy Museum and the children made three galleries categorizing the toys into new, old, and still in use. They then grouped and organized the toys in each display. Each child had a job to do when Dali class visited our Museum. The jobs were tour guides, ticket collectors, security, and exhibit experts.