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St Mary's CofE

Primary Academy

'Learning, Achieving, Growing in God's Love'

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Explaining the Vision

Our school community is centred on the love of God, through his Son, Jesus Christ, and strengthened by the Holy Spirit. We will be generous and visible people of Jesus Christ, reaching out in love to all, bringing hope, aspiration, and life in all its fullness to our children. 


Our vision starts with emphasising the centrality of the Trinity in our work as a school community. Our aim is to build a vision founded on the infinite love of God and Jesus Christ, His Son, which can be revealed to the children through daily worship and bible stories and examples of lives based on the example of Christ's life and works. Over time the children will become familiar with the concept of the Holy Spirit, bringing strength and courage to Christian believers as life presents difficulties and challenges. 


Our vision for St. Mary's develops as it takes inspiration from Ely's Diocesan vision statement. We are proud to be part of our diocese and 'being generous and visible people of Jesus Christ' represents what we want to be within our local community. This is a place where Christian values and ethos drive our daily actions and shape us to live faith-based lives, reaching out in love to those around us of faith or none. 


It is essential that the children in our community understand there is always hope, despite setbacks and unfairness in life. Aspirations can be met and as a leaders and teachers, we will strive to encourage and support our children to strive to be the best that they can be.


The final phrase is taken from John 10 v10, and is from the Church of England's vision statement. It sets our aspirations for our children that growing up within a faith based environment, they will understand that Jesus' teachings show us the way to live, that that we know the right choices and decisions to make, based on his teachings.