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Hello all,

As you may be aware Joe Wicks, a famous fitness instructor, is offering free "live" PE lessons for anyone who logs onto his youtube channel at 9:00 every morning. I joined in with the session this morning and it would be great if all the children from Picasso could join in too!

Log onto, @ 9:00 to get and excellent PE lesson!


Log onto:


There is a wide selection of Greek myths on this webpage which are read out to audiences. 


Can you listen to these myths and:


1. Write a 50 word summary of the myths you've listened to/read?

2. In first person as the main character, write a diary entry about what happened in the myth.

3. How are you similar to the character in the book? How are you different? Can you create a similarities and differences table?

4.Can you draw x3 of the characters from the myth and give them speech bubbles? What would they be saying at the part of the story you have chosen?

Topic - Ancient Greece


Can you create a fact file for the most famous Greek Gods/Goddesses? What were they famous for? How did they behave? Where did they live? 


Log onto - and click each God/Goddesses.



On the same webpage, can you learn about what Ancient Greeks believed would happen to them after they died?

Can you write a postcard to me "pretending" you have passed through the Greek underworld and where you are now?



If you log onto:


Your children will be able to test their multiplications knowledge in the same format in which they were being tested in school. Why don't you Dojo me a screen shot of your highest score!


Please use the link below to practise fractions which the children would have been taught this half term and during Summer 1