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Times Tables and Number Fluency

Please allow your child time to access Numbots and TTrockstars. Their log in details for this can be found in the cover of their school diaries. Please contact the school office should you require this information. 





Weekly Maths Lessons


There are resources for this week's maths lessons which focus on fractions. 


Please follow the following link



Please continue to work on the Year 2 High Frequency and Common Exception Words. Ask your child about the methods we use in school to help them to learn spellings: boxing up, adding a picture, writing in a sentence etc. 

  • Reading:


    Ask your child to read the extract of text and answer the questions on their own. Then ask them to read the text out loud and discuss the answers that they have given. Encourage them to go back to the text to find and copy the answers where possible rather than guessing or using memory. 

    • Please continue to listen to your child read their school reading book or any other books that you may have at home. Newsround has a good variety of news articles that the children enjoy reading, but please check their suitability first. 


    CBBC Newsround:  



Audible are offering children free access to audio books for children whilst schools are closed. Set aside time for your child to listen to a story. This is priceless! Listening to stories will help your child in many ways, by developing their understanding of language, sentence structure and stimulates their imaginations.



This week's project: Under the Sea!


Look at the following slides:

How could you sort the sea creatures?


Research Venn diagrams and see if you can make your own Venn diagram to sort the animals into groups.

The following PDF contains printables that you can use to help, or you can just make your own and carefully draw the animals from the presentation slides!

Presentation 2 - Identifying different parts of ocean animals and ļ¬nding out what they are used for.


Go through the next pesentation and complete each activity in your workbook. 

You can print off or use the following worksheets to help you:

(don't worry if you can't print them, just use them as templates to copy)

Presentation 3: Thinking about how ocean animals are suited to their ocean habitats.

Look at the following presentation and complete the activities in your workbook as you go.

Use the following worksheets to help you with the work in your book. Print them off or copy them:



What did you enjoy finding out about the most?


Create a project of your choice:

  • art and craft work
  • write a fact book about sea creatures or a sea creature of your choice
  • write a poem about being under the sea
  • research oceans of the world and create a labelled map
  • make a book of 'WOW' facts about sea creatures
  • explore floating and sinking - does peeling an orange affect what it does in the water?