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This half term we will be looking at 'People of the Past' History is one big story, filled with important people who did many great things - scientists, rulers, artists, writers, explorers. By learning about these people and what they did, we can find out more about the qualities that make someone great.

Times Tables and Number Fluency


Please allow your child time to access Numbots and TTrockstars. Their log in details for this can be found in the cover of their school diaries. Please contact the school office should you require this information. 





Weekly Maths Lessons


Here are resources for this week's Maths lessons - this week there are some activities to do with money.


Begin by having a look at the videos on the BBC Bitesize website:


Have a go at some of the following might have to raid an adults purse (with permission) for coins to help you!  Cashing in - Use coins to make an amount.  Shopping bag - Work out the total cost and then work out the change.  How much left? Can you find out how much money you have left?


This weeks English is around a character Starry eyed Stan. He shows many qualities that you might find in important people including that of friendship.

Read the e-book and have a go at some of the activities.

Don't forget you don't need to print them just use them as ideas and go straight into your book!


Using the story of Starry eyed Stan have a look at the following links.

We have included some instructions and recipes to see if you can read them and then follow them! Let us know if you make any of the items upload some pictures onto the class DOJO.

Let's get started!

To kick off your topic see if you and your family can come up with lots of important peoples names get these written down on strips of paper.  See if you can group these important people together for example: musicians, explorers, inventors, rulers, nurses and doctors, artists, scientists etc

Think about the skills and qualities they will need to have.

Do you think they needed to be a good listener?

Do you think they needed to be brave?

Do you think they needed to be a good communicator?

Do you think they needed to be good with numbers?



The first person from History that you are going to be learning about is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – he is a very famous composer whose music is still enjoyed all over the world today. This week you will learn about Mozart's life and there are some activities for you to complete:


  • Look at the YouTube video:  
  • Look at the following website: and listen to the two pieces of Mozart’s music - talk about whether you like or dislike about the music and why? How does it make you feel? What instruments do you think are playing the music?
  • Look at the ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart PowerPoint’ with an adult where you will find information about a poster making task you can have a go at.
  • Decide on a day, date, time and place that the concert could take place and ask an adult to write it on a piece of paper so that you can copy it onto your poster. You can then create your poster (using the pictures given if you choose) advertising a Mozart concert whilst listening to:
  • Look at the YouTube video: – talk about whether there was any new information that you found out about Mozart.
  • Tell an adult some facts that you have learnt about Mozart so far – you can then have a go at writing down some facts about Mozart in your book and you can add a drawing of Mozart too or you can have a go at filling in the ‘Mozart – Significant Individual Writing Frame’ – you can use the ‘Mozart – Significant Individual Fact Sheet’ to help you with this.
  • Listen to a piece of music called ‘Eine kleine Nachtmusik’ which means 'a little night music' – what do they think the music will be like – will it be happy, sad, quiet, calming, energetic?
  • ‘Eine kleine Nachtmusik’ -
  • While you are listening to the music create a drawing or piece of artwork inspired by the music - so it could be a night time picture – you could use your knowledge of nocturnal animals from last half term by adding some of those animals to your picture or you could create a picture to show how the music makes you feel – think about the colours you will use to show you feelings or the time of day it is.

Religious Education

This half term we are thinking about celebrations and how they are important to people of different faiths. We will be looking at the celebrations of Passover and Eid and then linking these to our knowledge of Easter.

Have a go at some of the following activities:


What does celebration mean to you ?

Make an A-Z list of celebrations around the world. How many can you find?

What have you celebrated this year with your friends and family? Can you remember celebrating

your birthday? How did you celebrate your birthday? Can you draw a picture of your special

celebration? Interview a family member about their favourite celebration. What did they

do? Who can they remember?



Can you think of a celebration for each month you may have with your family? Find out when it’s people's birthdays or anniversaries. Which month has the most celebrations?


Celebrations across the four season.

Think about all of the celebrations we have around the world. Can you name them and place them into the correct seasons?

Autumn: Diwali, Bonfire Night, Harvest Festival , Hanukkah

Winter: Christmas, New Year

Spring: Holi, Easter, Mother’s day

Summer: Father’s day, EID, Vesak

Create a card for some of these celebrations. How will their designs be different? Are there

particular colours you can use? Could they make a pop up card? Could they

make a card using no pen and only fabric?