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Hello Kandinsky and welcome to the penultimate week of your time in Year 2. Have a look at the lovely activities we have planned for you this week and don't forget to share what you've been doing with us on Class Dojo.

Here's the menu of activities for the week:

Remember - you can use the activities as inspiration for work that you do in your book!

Menu 1



Our book this week is called 'A Monster Surprise' - it follows some woodland animals who all discover their food is missing. Determined to solve the mystery, they eventually learn that the culprit is a monster! But, they soon realise that the scary monster is actually just trying to make friends.

Begin the week by reading the ebook.

When you have read the book talk with someone at home about how we make friends and whether you think the animals or the monster were doing the right thing. 

Menu 2:



This week we will be looking at measurement. This time you will be looking at grams and kilograms so get the kitchen scales out! You will then look at volume and measuring in millilitres...time to get the water out! Have fun :)

A fun Friday Maths activity related to our book 'A Monster Surprise'

Menu 3:

Christopher Columbus

This week we are looking at Christopher Columbus. Remember use these resources as inspiration to find out what you can about this famous explorer.


Begin by reading some information on the following link:

Now have a read of the following fact file and then create your own. Include pictures and lots of fun facts!

Use your imagination and create your own story imagining that you are Christopher Columbus. Describe your journey using adjectives, powerful verbs and really get us to imagine that we are with you on this journey.

Religious Education.

Have a look at the following website:

Physical Education


Use the following link to play a game called 'Bring the noise' Learn about different parts of a song, the tempo and then make your own noise!

Don't forget to watch Yolanda's Big Band Jam on BBCiplayer for more music inspiration.