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Climbing to the top at Caldecotte

Picasso have had a fantastic day at The Caldecotte Centre in Milton Keynes today.  The sun shone and the children showed real determination and perseverance.  Activities included  SUP boarding, which stands for Stand Up Paddle Boarding, as well as Climbing and Raft building.  Teamwork, communication and listening skills were of paramount importance to ensure that everyone could be actively involved.  Skill squares stickers will be given out on Wednesday.

Well done to all those children who faced a fear or took a leap of faith in trying a new skill, the children's comment throughout the day were so positive.

'This is the best day of my life!' and 'This is the greatest day ever!' two real heartfelt emotive responses after just the first activity.

More photos will follow shortly however there is a small slide show of the climbing wall.

Thank you Picasso for a great day-Ms Tucker-Vincent, Mr Hodson and Mrs Sewell.

Safety Zone

Safety Zone 1
Safety Zone 2
Safety Zone 3
Safety Zone 4
Safety Zone 5
Safety Zone 6

Year five children all attended the annual Safety Zone visit at St Neots fire station last week.  Throughout the afternoon the children worked together in two teams, to answer questions and solve problems.  Some children faced up to fears and worries, others showed support and encouragement.  

One particular highlight was seeing the children deal with emergency situations in a mature manner.  Dialing 999 and asking for the appropriate service can be a scary situation, however they rose to the challenge.

I was particularly impressed with the amount of knowledge the children already had, something that the adults leading the event commented on.  The children also showed faultless behaviour and were fantastic ambassadors for St Mary's. 

Well done everyone

Topic Day

Picasso Class shared their learning about Revolutionary Romans and Celebrating St Neots, the two topic from the summer term.   The children thought about how this experience felt and what they did.


Josie said, "I drew a picture of St Neots with my mum, my mum is a great drawer I was very surprised.  We then built boats, my younger brothers came in and floated them on the water."


Isabelle continued, "To make boats I used sticks and yarn.  I tested my boat, first of all it sunk but when I put balls inside it floated.  This happened because plastic floats and this was what the balls were made from."  When asked about the Roman Banquet Chloe exclaimed, "The Roman food was yummy!"


Torrin had great fun trying to test how strong his boat was, he commented, "I made a boat that was indestructible, I put sticks around the side and made oars.  I put weight, called ballast, in the bottom that balanced the boat."   Cole was very eager to share the tie dye work that is displayed in the corridor outside of class, he said, "I showed my mum the tie dye banner, we had a game to guess the tie dye with Zastryn, it was fun."


Jasmine spent time sharing her learning with her mum, she commented, "My mum was really pleased that I have started to get pink in my book, she asked me what the pink and green meant.  I told her that pink means I have understood and green means I need to improve and try again."


It was a fantastic afternoon with seventeen parents visiting the class. Thank you to all of those parent who were able to share your children's learning.



Yoga, Harry Potter Style

Making stop motion films

Picasso stop motion animation

Still image for this video
In class we have been using 'stop motion animation' programs on the I Pads. We created characters and then made small adjustments each time before taking a new picture. These are our first attempts at using this process and we have already highlighted the areas we need to focus on. If we keep the camera in the same place the motion will look clearer.

Did you know it takes 45 frames to create 2 seconds of film.

What stop motion characters do you know?

The Bunny eating the Carrot!

Still image for this video

'Floodlands' freeze frames.

'Floodlands' freeze frames. 1 Zoe, rowing in Lyca her trusted boat.
'Floodlands' freeze frames. 2 Fighting against the current.

Maths, finding all possibilities

Maths, finding all possibilities  1 Have a go at this question, use money to help you.
Maths, finding all possibilities  2 How many possibilities are there?

Celebrating St Neots


Picasso started this terms Topic with a river walk.  We followed the journey of the River Great Ouse from a tributary at Hen Brook into the town centre.

Our topic will continue to focus on the geography of St Neots and the children will be using ordinance survey maps to find geographical


What features could you find at the weekend?


The topic also links to the text we are exploring in English.

  'Floodlands' by Marcus Sedgwick follows the travels of a young girl who is faced with the every rising tides.  The story is set in Norwich and moved south west towards Ely-the island of the Eels.




World Book day 2017 in Picasso Class

World Book day 2017  in Picasso Class 1 Powerful Picasso
World Book day 2017  in Picasso Class 2 Together we stand

Indian topic Day

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents and careers who attended our topic afternoon on Thursday 8th December.  The children have worked extremely hard this term on the subject of India, the standard of learning has been tremendous.

Have a look at the photo to see the exciting activities that took place. 


Welcome to Picasso

We have had a busy start to this term and have really started to settle into the routine of school.

Remember you need to complete you spellings in your home spelling book at least four times a week.

try some of these activities:

Backward writing: write your spellings forward then backwards

forget - tegrof

Writing in sentences:  use each spelling in a sentence.

Dictionary:  look up the meaning of your spelling

Verbal test:  get an adult to call out the words whilst you spell them out loud (don't forget to get your adult to sign for this activity)

written test:  get an adult to call out the words and you write them in your book.

Crossword spellings:  make a crossword out of your spellings.