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Our Outstanding Dislpays

Our displays around school are used to celebrate learning and achievement. Displays represent a range of learning from all curriculum areas and from all year groups. Take a look at some of our displays and examples of the learning that has been taking place at St. Mary's this year. Pupils take pride in their learning and presentation - you can see there is a range of learning from English, maths, science and British values to name just a few. In line with our ethos around our curriculum, can you spot some of the practical learning we have been participating in too? The clues are in the pictures!
Picture 1 Revolutionary Romans
Picture 2 Electricity
Picture 3 English Diary and Story writing
Picture 4 English Learning Wall
Picture 5 EYFS Forest Friday
Picture 6 Whole School British Values Week
Picture 7 The Gigantic Turnip
Picture 8 Brainwave!
Picture 9 Maths Learning Wall
Picture 10 Van Gogh Artwork
Picture 11 Bake It! Science display
Picture 12 Fundraising and Charitable Giving
Picture 13 English Story Writing - The Matchbox Diary