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Christian Ethos & Religious Education

St Mary’s Church of England Primary Academy

‘Learning, Achieving, Growing, in God’s Love’

Vision, Values and Aims Statement

We believe that education is focused on the development of the whole child. This involves their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development as well as their academic and personal development and well-being.

We believe that every child is unique, made in the image of God and precious in his sight

We aim to provide a high quality education through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, within a loving Christian context

Our Christian values underpin the vision statement and demonstrate how Christians live their lives in their knowledge of the life and teachings of Jesus and their wish and obligation to follow his example

The Christian character of the school shapes the academic achievement and the personal development and well-being of pupils and is set out clearly in the agreed policies of the school, particularly around behaviour, disadvantaged pupils and our aspiration that every child deserves the very best educational opportunities that the school can offer

We expect all adults within the school to model this vision and the underpinning values through their behaviour to all members of the school community

We will work to ensure that parents are valued, encouraged and supported to be effective partners in their child’s education. That they are kept well-informed about their child’s learning progress and that the school takes effective steps to engage them fully in their child’s learning journey

We believe in respect for the individual, for cultural and faith diversity which is a central strand of the school’s work and in equality of opportunity for all, to grow and flourish to be the very best they can be as future global citizens

We value and wish to keep as active and vibrant as possible our links with St Mary’s Parish Church, St Neots and will welcome both clergy and other church members into our school to deepen and embed our Christian vision

St Mary’s Church of England Primary Academy Values

Value /s

Links with academic achievement and personal development and well-being

1. Love

Demonstrating in words and actions ‘This is my commandment that you love one another’ ‘Love one another as I have loved you’ Pupils have consistency of expectations from adults within the school community and understand that they are precious to God.

2. Wisdom

To be able to make wise, informed choices. To know that the Bible teaches us about how wisdom and how to make right decisions based on what God wants for us in order to lead a life of fullness.

3. Creation / Thankfulness/ Generosity

To remember to say ‘thank you’ for the gifts that we have been given. To appreciate the creation that God has made, but our responsibility to care for our planet. To be generous in our support and giving to those who are so much less fortunate than ourselves.

4. Service / Responsibility

To follow Christ’s example of the ‘servant king’ to make ourselves humble in serving others. To use our skills and talents in the service of others. To take on areas of responsibility within the school whereby we can support and guide others and shape the community in which we work.

5. Compassion

To be ready to show compassion to others, whether this be through charitable giving, the way in which we treat other members of the school community. Supporting children who find their work difficult, playing with those who don’t have any friends to play with. Caring for God’s creation and showing compassion for those affected by famine, war and other world events which result in people being displaced and in need

6. Trust / Respect / Friendship

To know that solid relationships are built on trust and that the Bible gives us lots of examples of how people put their trust in God even in the most challenging and difficult of times. To build our relationships built on mutual respect, honouring each other as made in the image of God. To know how to make friends and how to respond to friendship, based on Biblical examples and other stories.

7. Peace / Courage / Endurance

To know that peace is a very special value and that across the world, people do not live in peace and have to suffer the consequences. To know that peace within a busy, hectic day is precious and to have time to reflect / pray is important to Christians and to our own well-being. To understand that wars often demonstrate the enormous depths of courage that people caught up in the violence are capable of. ‘There is no greater love, than a man lays down his life for his friend’. To know that suffering and hardship can bring about endurance and that Christians believe that Christ suffered and died on the cross so that we could have eternal life through his sacrifice.

8. Forgiveness

To know what Jesus teaches us about forgiveness and to understand the importance of this act so that reconciliation can be brought about.

9. Justice / Reverence / Humility

To understand the importance of justice in a world that often seems very unfair and unjust. To know that God is concerned with justice in our world. ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’

10. Hope / Aspiration

To understand, through the Christian message there is a secure hope for the future. However difficult our experiences, we must always hold out the hope and aspiration that through God’s love for us and our broken world, there are still people working to bring peace and healing.

11. Koinonia (fellowship)

Together we are in fellowship with Christians across the world. We celebrate being part of the world wide Christian family and the termly Eucharist can be used as a sign of this unity.

12. Truthfulness

To understand that although telling the truth is difficult at times, nevertheless it is always the best course of action.